Last Call (Fiction)

A soft rain fell across the town like a sheet over a body, covering the pavement and cars and buildings. The dim streetlights lining the sidewalk peered into themselves as the wet ground reflected their glow. Each hazy orange luminescence, shining from above and reflecting from below, seemed a stepping stone in a path that […]

Has Marvel Created a Monster?

From the moment Marvel’s The Avengers hit the screens more than five years ago, the average viewer could feel a shudder ripple through the entertainment world–it was an overnight cultural phenomenon that changed the trajectory of modern cinema. The movie itself was an obvious commercial success as well as being critically acclaimed, somehow managing to squeeze Robert Downey […]

Starting from the Ground View

“Further, each person judges rightly what he knows, and is a good judge about that; hence the good judge in a given area is the person educated in that area, and the unqualifiedly good judge is the person educated in every area. This is why a youth is not a suitable student of political science  for […]